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We have full operating systems to help you manage your business. Here are some screenshots of some of them:

Timetable management: You can easily see your timetable using the system. 

Point of sales: You can quickly generate invoices to bill parents. 

Invoices and receipts issued professionally and automatically generates into your sales report. Invoices can also be automatically generated each month and auto-emailed to parents with follow up auto-reminders. 

Sales reports can be generated at any time to give you a clear understanding of your branch's finances.  

Babington's staff training e-learning platform to effectively and efficiently train your administration and teaching team. E-learning platform is desktop and mobile friendly with an iPhone and Android app. Your staff will be easily trained and will always have the most up to date information. 

Continuous professional development offered by Head Office means your teaching team will always be fully trained and updated. 



Teaching evaluation: Your teachers will be evaluated in their teaching by Head Office and they will be graded. 

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