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🌟 Celebrating Another Milestone in Our Training Journey! 🌟

Hello Everyone,

We've wrapped up yet another exceptional Refreshers Training, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!

This year we shifted our venue to the more centrally-located and accessible Wanchai. The new space boasted more room, ensuring comfort and a prime environment for our sessions.

Typhoon Saola forced us to reschedule our event meaning many of were not able to attend. However, we are grateful to have wrapped up right before nature’s dramatic rainstorm display today, which as you know is HK's record rainfall since records started in the 1800's.

Reflecting on our journey, we’ve stayed true to our roots for 14 incredible years, ensuring that our annual Refreshers Training remains a hallmark event. This unwavering dedication to nurturing our team's growth sets us apart. For newcomers, the Refreshers Training is a vibrant celebration of skill enhancement, ranging from teaching, admin, operations to sales.

A special part of this event? The unity. Team members from every corner of Hong Kong converge, forging connections and rediscovering the magnitude of our brand's family. Witnessing our collective growth is always a heartwarming experience.

We divided our training over two days to cater to admins and teachers separately. And the positive response was palpable! With over 1,000 feedback points, the verdict is in: an impressive average of 4.30 on our Likert scale. Every aspect we evaluated fell into the "good" range, highlighting the successful strides we've made since last year.

Snapshot of our scores:

  1. Audibility: 4.62

  2. Visibility: 4.33

  3. Location: 4.12

  4. Venue: 4.34

  5. Understanding: 4.58

  6. Sufficient breaks: 4.30

  7. Training length: 4.19

  8. Attendee engagement: 4.17

  9. Crowd interaction: 4.30

  10. Value: 4.27

  11. Enjoyment: 4.09

Overall: 4.30

The chart below will give you a comparative glimpse of this year versus the last.

While numbers give us an overarching view, the qualitative feedback provides richer insights. We’re keenly poring over your detailed feedback, planning focus sessions to delve deeper.

Some standout comments from our admin team include:

What did you like about the training?

  • the atmosphere and interaction

  • Sales training more essential than refreshing, goods for us to improve and find out what is my weakness

Is there any thing you wish we covered or covered more?

  • Share experiences with our centres, more group discussions

  • Interview course Grammar course Hubspot Schooltrac And more time for CM to ask questions or issues encountered during assessment or throughout the academic year (RP and SP)

What did you not like about the training?

  • Role playing

  • Too much focus on sales technique, while I understand this is important too, but just spending too much time on it and we only have one day left

Suggestions for improvement

  • Since it is only 2 days training, try to balance in between sales part and technical parts. Whiles sales is important, customer service on how to retent more students and CM’s skills on courses are also as important, I would wish there would be more scenario case study on how we should react. Like course comparison, how to assess better for older kids, how to handle for kids who are strong in reading but poor in writing, etc

While our teachers mentioned:

What did you like about the training?

  • Meeting the other teachers, getting their input on teaching methods

  • Everythings cool but sometimes just cant hear clearly?thanks to all the managers. I hope we can hold more activities like that,too meet more brilliant coworkers ?

  • - The emphasis on important techniques or topics - The friendliness of the training team and other teachers

  • I like that we get to meet other teachers, it’s nice to know people are in the same situation as me! Also, Ian and Chris did a great job engaging with us and making the content interesting.

  • Accessibility to the reactionary solutions to some specific problems…

Is there any thing you wish we covered or covered more?

  • More information about creative writing would be great, such as quickly showing one sample writing of each coloured level for comparison.

  • I'd like to see more company information, if we could see the vision and be more aware of what's going and understand the whole operation we might feel more like a family and care about the progression of the business

What did you not like about the training?

  • Having to do demonstrations. It’s just awful and given how often people make mistakes, not that helpful.

  • It would be great if it was a 1 day training instead of 2 days. Also, it could online instead of face to face.

  • It was a bit frustrating that we had to cancel all our classes but I understand. Other than that, no complaints.

  • No refreshments offered

Suggestions for improvement

  • We could have more team games and problem solving games to overcome different situations we may face regarding students which as a result would’ve helped better team management and our understanding on how to deal with the situation as a team or just ourselves. Would’ve helped other colleagues to get some new ideas as well? in conclusion, team games. Perhaps .

  • Have more partner work to do with each teacher - it is more valuable then having to go up to the board to demo

  • More relatable stories to engage audience more, more scenarios and comedy will catch attention

  • For Demo : - Approach teachers weeks before so they could prepare for the demo part - They would be well prepared and would follow Babington Standards rather than calling someone out and have them miss an important step because they were unprepared

Rounding off, a hearty shoutout to our fantastic Training, Editorial, and Operations Department for seamlessly orchestrating this enriching experience. Your dedication lights the path for our continual growth.

Thank you, Team Babington! Here's to many more years of learning, growing, and excelling together! 🌟🙌

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