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Embracing the Positive Outlook: A Remarkable Summer Program Performance 🎊🎊

This summer marks a pivotal moment in our history as we witness the first summer program following the challenges of Covid-19. At Babington, we are thrilled to report that the market is showing strong signs of recovery, and our franchise centers are experiencing an impressive performance that sets the stage for the upcoming new academic year.

We understand the significance of summer program performance, as it often sets the tone for back-to-school enrollment in September and, consequently, impacts the overall performance for the entire year. To gauge our progress, we are using 2019's summer program as a benchmark, as it was the last full summer program before the pandemic hit.

During the 2019 summer program, our group achieved an average revenue increase of 57% in July and August, compared to regular program months. This remarkable figure demonstrates the potential for growth during the summer season.

As we stand on the 7th day of August, we are delighted to share that a staggering 83% of our Babington centers have scored an average of 52% revenue increase. This means that 83% of our centers are already close to achieving pre-Covid-19 performance levels of 57%. And there's still the rest of August to go, allowing us to further improve our scores. We eagerly await the end of August to reveal our final score and celebrate our collective achievements.

The exceptional results achieved during this post-Covid summer program are a testament to the dedication and resilience of our people and the strength of our brand. We are immensely proud of everyone involved in this success. Moreover, these outstanding outcomes signal positive growth for our industry, even amidst times of economic uncertainty.

As we look forward to the coming new academic year, we are filled with optimism and excitement. We are eager to continue our journey of growth, providing valuable educational services to students and families across our franchise centers.

The summer of 2023 has proven to be a turning point for us at Babington, and we extend our gratitude to all who have made it possible. Together, we forge ahead, confident in our ability to overcome challenges and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Here's to a bright future ahead!

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