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Finishing touches and last minute prep for first Fun Day tomorrow

The centre is pretty much complete with a few minor touches that still need to be done. The reception counter has a faulty item which was discovered today but the manufacturer has offered to deliver the replacement part and refund ¥400. As usual working with a China company has not been an enjoyable experience! Fortunately we have used the same supplier so they have been willing to fix the situation.

The other problem we encountered is a delay in the delivery of the table and chairs for the classroom! Fortunately, head office had spare tables and chairs, enough to equip the new centre so these were arranged to be delivered to Kowloon City.

Head office helped design the fun day, launched the Facebook marketing adverts and helped train the new centre team members how to deliver the event tomorrow. Today we all went through the run down in detail. Preparation is key to a successful event. The more we prepare before the event, the less stressful it will be!

As additional support to our new branch, we will have 2 head office support staff for the event from 10am-3pm.

Tomorrow our objective is:

1) Collect as many leads as possible

2) Do as many assessments as possible

3) Engage with and meet with as many parents as possible to start to build a relationship with the community

4) Ensure all the kids leave having a great time

Tomorrow, kids will be making a rice crispy dessert ball with colorful toppings and a Babington bag!

We are fully booked for the event with around 30 confirmed bookings. Since we have allocated space for walk-ins, we have limited the capacity to 30 over the period of time.

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