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Renovation 75% complete

We did a site visit last week to ensure everything is in place and according to schedule. We found that one of walls was built about 10cm too long! If we didn't catch this error, Buildings Department would have failed us upon inspection, which would lead to a delay in school license application and added cost in renovation. Fortunately we caught this error in time which meant we avoided risk and saved money!

Apart from this correction, everything is perfect and according to plan. Now that the centre is almost ready, we have booked the telecoms company and EPS company to set up their hardware next week for the first day of operation on 12 November.

Classroom tables, chairs and whiteboards are to be delivered next week too.

Other equipment such as fridge, oven, microwave, phones, printers and ipcams will be bought and set up for next week. Next week will be the last week before we open for business to the public so next week will definitely be a busy week! Fortunately we have a "New Branch Set Up" guide for the franchisee that lists every item that needs to be done and when it should be done, so it's a matter of following the check list. It couldn't be simpler!

Here's a photo and video of the progress:

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