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Our target is to hit a minimum of 100 students as soon as possible. So far from our new branch marketing we have 25+ students booked already, that's already 25% of our target and we haven't even opened for business 😎

This is the last week before we start operation at Kowloon City. Tables, chairs and whiteboards are to be delivered and installed as well as telecoms. Equipment will also be bought this week.

We are now finalizing the marketing (Facebook, website, Whatsapp, leaflets etc) for the Fun Day that's due to take place on the 17 November, this includes the marketing, event run down, arts and craft, cooking activities and man power arrangements. Since our new franchisee is new, head office is taking charge of the planning of the event and will also provide man power support on the day. Our objective is simple, provide an experience for the kids and introduce our programmes to parents to encourage enrollment. We have incentive to encourage parents to join (20% off) and we will be calling all the 25+ parents on our list to invite them to our Fun Day.

Aside from Kowloon City, we are also working on a few more locations, doing site inspections and feasibility studies for other franchisees. We have an eye on 2 locations and we can't wait to let you all k ow where they will be!

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