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Hello! This blog is here for people to learn more about how a Babington Education Centre franchise is set up from zero to launch. We will try to document the process as much as possible so make sure you check back to see the progress!

For our very first blog, we will be following the development of our latest Kowloon City branch, which will be our 12th branch. Our franchisee is actually an existing franchisee who is opening her 3rd branch.

The first and most important thing is to look for a suitable location! We work with developers and property management companies to look for suitable locations and then we complete an analysis. We look at the areas demographics including student population, age and household income. We also identify the neighborhood kindergartens and primary schools. Our target location is places with high competition. The more competition the better the location! Since we have the strongest product in the market, we like to be right next to our competitors.

After the analysis, we visit the site for a feasibility study and take initial measurements. At this point we start to visualize how many classrooms there can be and the general layout of the new centre.

After this we negotiate with the landlord, sign offer letter and tenancy agreement. While this is happening, we get quotations from contractors and start designing the centre (floor plans, ceiling plans, fire services plans, elevation plans (3D plans)). This is the fun part as we really start to feel for the new centre.

Everything kind of happens at the same time as we want to be efficient. If we are efficient, we can maximize the rent free period and start the operation earlier. The quicker we start operation, the quicker the centre can start generating income.

While the centre is being built, we work with the franchisee to confirm the new branch marketing campaign. The objective is simple...hit X number of students in Y time and we use the marketing campaign to help the new franchisee do this.

As of today, the new centre is being renovated, graphics are being designed and marketing in being launched.

So that's the update so far, check back for our next update.

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